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Appellation -
Scent your space.

packaging design

Appellation is a wellness company based in Dubai focused on creating naturally aromatic products designed to create a calm, happy home through scents. I designed the packaging for the 3 series they launched.

Check appellation here.

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The door is a key element in the packaging design

Appellation wants to evoke places and pleasant memories, that's why for the packaging design I played with the concept of the door to highlight the idea of being transported to a nice, calm space while using the natural scents.

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The colors of the labels wants to evoke happy, calm ad joyful places.

Single Origin -

is the second series released by appellation. It wants to empathize the origin of the natural ingredients at base of each product. 

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The goal is to highlight the natural aspect -

that's why for this series I came up with illustrations showing the main ingredient of each product. The main color, a dark brown, helps highlighting  the nature and the plants. Also the color was chosen to perfectly work in combination with the golden color used to highlight the logo and the door and to give the premium feeling of the products.

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Focus series -

is the third series released by appellation. It is about scent for cognition & stamina support when you need balance in your day.


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