hundred -
more than just vitamins.

packaging, branding 

hundred is a supplements brand focused on helping people reaching their health goals - it is a subscription model based on personalization, each user after filling a survey gets its own pack of vitamins tailored on the choosed goals.


get back to feel your 100%

The logo wants to highlight the connection with the 100%,

to push to user to feel whole again.


you can customize your box with the stickers set delivered to your door - together with the vitamins.

The supplements get delivered every month to the customer' door. 

The advice is to place the cube where the user can see it every morning in order to never forget about the daily health routine. hundred wants to motivate the user, therefore I came up with the idea of designing different stickers to be placed on one side of the cube. The user can choose between different options and keep being inspired and motivated everyday.

1-hundred-world-brand-design 1.jpg

Personalized inbox

Inside the box the customer can find a personalized envelope with different detailed cards about the orders, a recap of the choosen health goals and the vitamins to take daily to get to feel at 100%. 

I also designed a booklet and a a calendar to keep track, where the stickers can be used to highlight milestones.


The icons are used on web and print materials to highlight the health goals.

Desktop - 2 copia.jpg